Hook a Friend on Beyond: New Year-Round 2023 Membership Drive! Plus: Thursdays Are Back, Baby!

Hey Beyond members, two pieces of news!

First: we know there’s no better advertisement for Beyond Video than a happy member. That’s why we’ve created a new promotion to incentivize current members to convince a friend to try out a Beyond Membership: hook a friend, and get a free month added to your account!

How does this promotion work? Basically, any current member who buys a gift card at Beyond for a 6-month or 12-month membership for a friend who’s brand-new to Beyond, we’ll add a month to your account. We’re kicking off this promotion in time for Valentine’s Day, and we’re planning to continue it through the end of 2023.

Oh–and second, like the headline says: we’re open Thursdays now! Every Thursday you can find us from 3-9pm moving forward (in addition to our hours of 3-9 every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). So when you give a friend, lover, family member, enemy or stranger a gift card, rest assured you’ll be giving them maximum access to our ever-growing inventory of 28,500+ DVDs, blu-rays, and VHS tapes.

And what about those gift cards? Well they’re beauts, designed by the very talented Beyond Video all-star volunteer Vineet Gordhandas. Take a gander:

From Valentine’s Day to Video-Store Day, it’s the perfect gift for the Baltimore-area cinephile in your life!

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