Updating Your Membership

This new page (as of Summer 2021) is for existing Beyond Video members. It explains how to update your membership with us via our new non-profit fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas.

If you are looking to sign up for a brand new membership, please find everything you need here.

Existing Members: As you may have heard, our original non-profit fiscal sponsor Strong City Baltimore has stopped offering fiscal sponsorship to other non-profit projects like Beyond Video. But don’t worry! We’re already up and running with a new fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. So there will be no interruption of service here at Beyond, and all this change means is that your financial donations to Beyond Video will be processed by Fractured Atlas instead of Strong City.

One quick action is needed for you to continue your membership at Beyond Video. We have automatically ended all existing recurring monthly donations to us via our old fiscal sponsor Strong City and their donation processor, WeDidIt. All we need from you is to set up a donation to Beyond Video through our new sponsor Fractured Atlas, and receive as your perk continued borrowing privileges here at Beyond.

Our new donation portal is here. As you scroll down, you’ll see donation tiers that receive as their perk borrowing privileges at Beyond’s two existing membership levels. Those membership levels are: INDIVIDUAL (unlimited rentals with a maximum of 3 items on loan at a time for one person) and JOINT (unlimited rentals with a maximum of 6 items out at a time, with the option of adding a second authorized user to your Beyond account).

Please note that you’ll no longer make a monthly recurring donation, as was the case with our old fiscal sponsor. Instead, you select a one-time donation at the membership level of your choice (Individual or Joint) to “pay forward” a duration of 2, 6, or 12 months of support. If you choose a 2-month period of support, the total amount of your suggested donation breaks down to the same as it was in the past ($12 per month for Individual accounts and $20 per month for Joint accounts). But if you choose a 6-month period of support, the per-month size of the donation offers some savings, and if you choose a full year of support you’ll see even greater savings and receive a free tote bag!

We ask that you make your next donation in advance of your next visit to Beyond. We will be monitoring donations daily, and updating Beyond Video membership accounts accordingly. Your account will be extended for the full period of support you choose, beginning the weekend of your donation. For instance, if you make a donation on Tuesday, August 3, 2021 for a full year of support, you’ll receive a donation receipt from Fractured Atlas on our behalf that day, you’ll be all set up to borrow movies from Beyond the weekend beginning Friday, August 6th, and your benefits will be active through mid-August 2022!

Make sense? Great!

Confused? Email us at baltimorevideocollective “at” gmail, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks for your continued support! Rest assured, Beyond is not only surviving this behind-the-scenes change, but thriving! As our third anniversary approaches, our collection is nearing 21,000 movies and growing faster than ever, we’re training new volunteers each weekend, and our hours have expanded back to 3-9pm every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We couldn’t do it without your generous support! Thank you!

With gratitude and excitement,

The Beyond Video Team