Beyond Video loves DVD and blu-ray donations… and we depend on them to keep building our inventory of 29,500 unique titles (and counting)!

We will gladly accept *almost any* donations of commercially issued DVDs or blu-rays as long as they are still in working condition, and still have their cases and artwork. We happily accept donations of titles we already own, as well as donations of titles not specifically named on our wish lists (below).

We are asking that people don’t donate any yoga/fitness/workout titles on any format, nor educational or instructional titles on any format.

We do accept some television series on DVD and blu-ray, but we ask that you email us ahead of time (baltimorevideocollective “at” gmail) to see if we need the tv series in question.

We are not accepting donations of VHS, laserdiscs, or other formats other than DVD and blu-ray at this time. We are also not accepting donations of devices (e.g. DVD players) at this time.

All donated items become the property of Beyond Video, and we reserve the right to sell, trade, recycle, or dispose of items when needed. Every effort is made to use every donation to the benefit of Beyond Video’s ever-growing world-cinema library.

Our wish lists:

While we accept *almost any* commercially issued DVDs or blu-rays in working condition, we maintain several wish lists of specific titles we know we still need and would like to carry. These wish lists are by no means comprehensive, and we are happy to accept titles that are not on these wish lists.

How to Donate Discs (please do *not* ship them to our library):

  • If you would like to ship a donation of working DVDs and blu-rays to us, please email baltimorevideocollective “at” gmail for the shipping address (which is not to our library on Howard Street, due to our limited hours there)
  • If you live in Baltimore and have 5 or less discs to donate, feel free to drop them through the mail slot of our front door at 2545 N. Howard Street any time we’re closed, or bring them in the store during our public hours
  • If you live in Baltimore and have more than 5 discs to donate, please email baltimorevideocollective “at” gmail to coordinate the donation
  • Please do *not* bring or ship any VHS tapes or laserdiscs for donation. We are only accepting DVD and blu-ray donations at this time.

Other Donation Questions and Info

  • While we happily take any DVDs and blu-rays in working condition that still have their cases and artwork, including absorbing full collections that meet this criteria, if you prefer we are also happy to look over lists or pics of potential donations and indicate which items we could most use.
  • If you have VHS tapes that you feel certain would be of use to Beyond Video, please email us to discuss. While our general policy is not to accept VHS donations due to the increased storage space and limited demand of this format, we do sometimes make exceptions for titles that are of particular interest such as 1970s and 1980s horror films and films of any genre that were never issued on DVD.
  • We can prepare donation-recognition receipts on request for large donations of physical media. These forms require us to estimate the value of the donation, so please indicate in advance of the donation that you are requesting a donation receipt.
  • If you represent a filmmaker or film distributor and would like to arrange a sizable donation of your titles, please contact us at baltimorevideocollective “at” gmail. We *do* accept VHS donations of emerging work, btw.

How to Donate Funds:

Contributing a tax-deductible donation that will go toward acquisitions, storage/upkeep, and general operations.

By donating to our cause via our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas, you can ensure that the citizens of Baltimore have continual access to an incredibly important and diverse selection of films and videos from around the world representing an extraordinary wealth of creative energy and ideas that can inspire, educate, and entertain our city.

Any other questions? Email us any time at baltimorevideocollective “at” gmail, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


11 thoughts on “DONATE

    1. Hi Anne, thanks for your interest and support! Right now we are at capacity for VHS, but taking donations of any commercially issued DVDs or blu-rays. If you have discs you’d like to donate, you could drop them off any Saturday or Sunday between 5pm and 9pm at our store (2545 N. Howard St.), or email us (baltimorevideocollective “at” gmail) to make a weekday appointment for dropoff.

    1. Hi Haynes, thanks for your interest! If they have descriptive artwork, sure! If they’re just the discs, we appreciate the offer but would have to pass.

      1. The DVDs have a custom made DVD cover, Labels and DVD menus. How do I send them over? Whats the process? The show is called Sketching with Sterling viewers watch the creative process of creating cartoons and comics with a diverse cast of characters.

      2. Send us a quick email at baltimorevideocollective “at” gmail and we’ll send you the shipping address. Thanks!

  1. Hi do you accept donations of PAL format DVDs from the UK? I have a box of 84 in excellent condition.

    1. Hi Jane, thanks for your interest! With PAL dvds we’re generally only taking titles that weren’t issued on NTSC or are hard to find on that format. If you are able to snap a pic or send us a list, we’d happily look it over and let you know which ones would be useful. Our direct email is baltimorevideocollective “at” gmail.

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