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How to Become a Member with Borrowing Privileges at Our Video Library

Want to start borrowing titles from our collection of 28,500+ DVDs, blu-rays, and VHS tapes? Here’s how!

[Existing members: this page is for brand new members to establish their membership with us. If you’re looking for info on how to update your membership with our new fiscal sponsor, find all of that here! ]

New members: Hey there, thanks for your interest in signing up! The following is everything you need to know to get started.

Beyond Video’s library operates on a membership-support basis. Supporters make small financial donations to help sustain and grow our inventory of world cinema. As a perk, supporters receive borrowing privileges from that ever-growing library.

We currently offer two different support levels. The Individual Level allows one person an unlimited number of rentals over their period of support, with a maximum of 3 items on loan at any one time. The Dual Level allows 1-2 people an unlimited number of rentals over their period of support, with a max of 6 items out on their account at any one time.

IMPORTANT: we ask that new members establish their membership remotely in advance of coming to the library in person. While non-members are welcome to browse the store during our public hours, setting up your membership remotely is easy and fast, and helps us keep things moving quickly and safely in Beyond.

Please follow these instructions to become a member of Beyond Video:

  • Download, complete, and sign the Beyond Video membership form.
  • Make a donation to Beyond Video via our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas. This involves selecting a one-time donation at the perk level you would like to receive (Individual Level or Dual Level) for the duration of support you’d like to pay forward at this time (2 months, 6 months, or a full year), and then completing a basic online shopping-cart for the donation. Please note that selecting a longer period of support offers savings on your per-month rate of support. Please do not make your donation anonymously, or we won’t know to pair it to your membership.
  • Email us your completed membership form at baltimorevideocollective “at” gmail ahead of your first visit to Beyond. We’ll automatically see the donation come through on our end!

We don’t issue membership cards, but may ask to see a drivers license or comparable I.D. at the time of rentals.

Beyond Video reserves the right to restrict or remove borrowing privileges at any time for failure to return items, repeated damage to items, unsafe behavior, hate speech, or other unfriendly actions.

Have questions not answered on our membership form or FAQ? Email us at the address above, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.