Video Americain & Future Goals

The BVC thanks Video Americain for their 25 years of enriching the cultural life of this city in so many ways. We wish them well with their closing sale and all future endeavors. As many of you may know, the BVC attempted to reach a deal to preserve the essential core of Video Americain’s collection. Everyone involved put time, energy, and care into the negotiations, but ultimately an agreement could not be met. While we’re saddened by this outcome, we remain very dedicated to the mission of keeping video-store culture alive in our city. The closing of the last Video Americain location marks the end of an era. In the coming months we’ll be taking big steps to make our vision of a non-profit video store a reality, and we’ll need your help. Please visit our FAQ for information about donating to our growing collection, and stay tuned for more updates. Thank you so much for supporting Video Americain for 25 years, and for your continued support of our project!

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