We’re open for business!!!

The video rental store experience has returned to Baltimore at last!  Our shop at 2545 N. Howard Street is now open each Friday-Sunday 3-7pm through December, with expanded hours coming in January, 2019!

Our video store will be cashless; members will establish a recurring monthly donation to join, and thereafter there are no rental costs or late fees. We have 2 affordable membership plans to choose from. Check ’em out!

Our collection of about 10,000 unique titles on DVD, blu-ray, and VHS is entirely crowd-sourced, and we only get more comprehensive and awesome with each donation, whether a dusty ol’ disc or a fancy new box set. Feeling even more generous than you already have been? Here’s our WISH LIST: http://bit.ly/2pycBgF

Thanks to all of you who helped make our non-profit video dream a reality!

The Beyond Video team


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