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We’re so thrilled with the response our project is getting! With your generous donations we’ve now surpassed 30% of our funding goal! At this benchmark, we just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has reached out to help us with fundraising efforts, written kind words about us, shared testimonials, donated DVDs and Blu-rays, offered manual help, etc. We need every little bit of it, so please continue helping to spread the word or make a contribution if you haven’t already.

See below for kind words from John Waters & a video testimonial from Mary Washington…John Waters quote

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Testimonials, press & more

We asked DJ Mills what he misses about video stores & he tells us about missing the sense of friendship and community you can form over hunting for the next great thing to watch:
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What do YOU miss about video store culture? Stay tuned for more video testimonials!

The Baltimore City Paper gave us a nice little write-up when our Kickstarter went live.

Stay tuned for more updates, campaign incentives, and video store love. Thanks for the support!

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And we’re rolling!

Thanks to the generous support of many in Baltimore and beyond who’ve donated to our campaign and/or shared it with friends and family, we’ve now made it 10% of the way to our fundraising goal. Yay! We’re overwhelmed with the amount of positive feedback and excitement that our project has been receiving, but we still have a long way to go.

Help us get to our goal by continuing to share the campaign, donate if you haven’t, and send good vibes our way! Thanks again for taking this trip with us to go Beyond Video!

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We’re very excited to launch our Kickstarter this week! We had planned to go live today, but due to a glitch in The Matrix, aka the Kickstarter approval process, our launch has been delayed for at least another day or two. We’ll let you know as soon as we’re live! In the meantime, check out the awesome rewards that Post-Typography designed for us…


Thanks so much for your interest & support!

Coming soon…

The Baltimore Video Collective has been steadily working for the past year on searching for a home for our growing collection. After finally locating a space in the Remington neighborhood, we need help from the community to get started. Stay tuned for our Kickstarter and spread the word!


Many thanks to Post-Typography for designing our new logo!

Video Americain & Future Goals

The BVC thanks Video Americain for their 25 years of enriching the cultural life of this city in so many ways. We wish them well with their closing sale and all future endeavors. As many of you may know, the BVC attempted to reach a deal to preserve the essential core of Video Americain’s collection. Everyone involved put time, energy, and care into the negotiations, but ultimately an agreement could not be met. While we’re saddened by this outcome, we remain very dedicated to the mission of keeping video-store culture alive in our city. The closing of the last Video Americain location marks the end of an era. In the coming months we’ll be taking big steps to make our vision of a non-profit video store a reality, and we’ll need your help. Please visit our FAQ for information about donating to our growing collection, and stay tuned for more updates. Thank you so much for supporting Video Americain for 25 years, and for your continued support of our project!

Thank You!

The Launch Party on December 1st was a great success, thanks so much to those who made it out and who donated movies to our growing collection! We received over 100 donations and enough funding to keep going with our mission. And thank you to the amazing performers who worked hard to make it such a fun night.

Stay tuned for more info on a movie donation drop-off spot, future events & more. And spread the word! Support and excitement from the community is truly the backbone of our organization.

Launch Party Press Release


The Baltimore Video Collective, a new non-profit organization dedicated to building a world-class home-video collection for the Baltimore community, is excited to announce its launch party. Taking place the evening of Saturday, December 1, 2012 at Windup Space, this benefit show will feature live music, comedy, video art, and a dance party.  Continue reading “Launch Party Press Release”