We’re almost there!

Wow! We’re less than $3,000 away from reaching our goal! An anonymous donor pledged $10k to our campaign this weekend, putting our dream so very close to reality. Help us get through the final push!

Collective member Eric Hatch has generously offered a matching challenge: if we reach our goal by midnight tonight, he’ll make a $600+ donation of very cool discs the store couldn’t otherwise afford! This includes $400 of limited-edition (and in many cases out-of-print) blu-ray titles from specialty label Twilight Time from his personal collection; ordering the spectacular limited-edition blu-ray of his favorite film, POSSESSION ($65); and ordering the first 5 films by legendary documentarian Frederick Wiseman ($150).

Let’s keep those pledges coming and bring video store culture back to Bmore!
Thank you so much for your support, good vibes & enthusiasm!


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