We did it!!!


Thank you so much to the 387 and counting kind folks who funded Beyond Video’s dream of a non-profit, collectively run video store in Baltimore! 

Before launching this Kickstarter, we did a gut check and compressed our initially higher ask to $30k. To open with as banging a collection as possible, we could use every penny beyond that we can get. Each and every dollar from this point forward goes to making the collection that much more awesome.

With that in mind, 2 of our collective members are offering matching challenges! 

Eric Hatch’s HATCH MATCH is an offering of a collection that is very meaningful to him.

Eric says: “I discovered the films of Fassbinder at Video Americain in 1996 when I first moved to Baltimore. His singular filmography helped me through a rough time then (and many more since). I’d like the store to open with as many of his films as possible, so other people can discover and explore his work. If we reach $35k before our Kickstarter closes, I’ll donate all these Fassbinder DVDs I’ve been hoarding for years, from Ali: Fear Eats the Soul to Why Does Herr R. Run Amok. And then we can spend your generous donations on other cool items for the collection!”


& filmmaker Joe Tropea is offering a DVD of his documentary Hit and Stay to any pledge of $25—in addition to the ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS perk.

Join us for drinks, sights and sounds. The evening will be hosted by the wonderful folks at The Golden West Cafe.

Wednesday, June 21st
10 pm – 12 am
1105 W 36th St, Baltimore


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